Welcome to the fun house.

This isn’t your circus, and these aren’t your monkeys.

But it is all free entertainment.

Look, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that some earth-shatteringly awesome thing happens to me every single day. That’d just be silly. Unique things do happen to me more often than to most, it seems, but it’s not something I plan for.

Rather, you’ll get a daily dose that might contain one of many things:

  • Earth shatteringly awesome things (hey, they do happen)
  • Commentary on everyday things
  • Those funny little life moments that have me murmuring “Of COURSE this is happening to me) to myself
  • Exceptionally funny dog photos (you knew they’d be here too, right?)
  • Excerpts of ridiculous/crazy/hysterical/typical conversations

Frankly, I don’t care if you follow along… But I can only hear “WTF?! Your life is a movie!” and “Why does this stuff always happen to you!?” and “SMH, only you, Amy.” so many times before it makes sense to keep a running tab.

With work gearing up and a little travel happening soon, I’ll probably start with a couple recent happenings. If they’re stories you’ve already heard, fear not – it won’t take but a nanosecond for some new bit of nonsensical nonsense to walk into my world.  ✌️

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